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BPO - Chat & Email
(Inbound & Outbound)

Welcome to our BPO Chat and Email (Inbound and Outbound) Services page!


At Uniserve, we offer a comprehensive range of BPO solutions that help our clients improve customer satisfaction, increase revenue, and reduce costs. Our experienced team of customer service representatives and sales agents works closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and develop customized solutions that meet their unique requirements.


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By monitoring and tracking AHT, CSAT, and resolution percentage, we can ensure that our BPO Chat and Email services meet our clients' and their customers' needs. Our commitment to providing high-quality support and delivering a positive customer experience sets us apart from our competitors.

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Inbound Chat and Email Support

Our inbound chat and email support services help our clients manage customer inquiries and provide timely and accurate responses. We use advanced chat and email support tools to ensure that our agents are able to provide fast and effective support to customers.


Technical Support Chat and Email

We provide technical support chat and email services that help our clients troubleshoot and resolve technical issues for their products and services. Our technical support agents are highly trained and have extensive knowledge of various software and hardware products.


AHT (Average Handle Time)

Our BPO Chat and Email services are designed to provide fast and efficient support to our clients' customers. We monitor and track AHT to ensure that our agents are providing quick resolutions while maintaining high-quality customer service. Our agents are trained to handle multiple inquiries simultaneously, reducing AHT and improving customer satisfaction.


Resolution Percentage

We track resolution percentage to ensure that our agents are able to resolve customers' inquiries on the first contact. Our agents use advanced tools and knowledge bases to quickly and accurately diagnose and resolve issues, increasing first-contact resolution rates. We continuously review and improve our processes to ensure that our agents have the resources they need to provide effective support to our clients' customers.


Outbound Chat and Email Sales

Our outbound chat and email sales services enable our clients to reach out to potential customers and increase their sales revenue. Our experienced sales agents use targeted messaging and personalized communications to engage customers and drive sales.


Customer Retention Chat and Email

We offer customer retention chat and email services that help our clients retain their existing customers and reduce churn. Our agents use proactive communication and personalized messaging to ensure that customers remain satisfied with our clients' products and services.


CSAT (Customer Satisfaction)

At Uniserve, we understand the importance of delivering a positive customer experience. We track CSAT scores to measure our clients' customers' satisfaction levels and continuously improve our services. Our agents are trained to provide empathetic and personalized support, ensuring that customers feel heard and valued.


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